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Transmission Service Las Vegas

Article provided by: United Transmission LV
Transmission Service Las Vegas

Transmission repair should be the last thing you want to deal with if you own a car because it's expensive to repair or replace a transmission. That's why we're here to help! Before you visit any mechanic shop, you need to know about the transmission service. At United Transmission LV, we proudly offer car-transmission services to assist drivers in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. 

What Does A Transmission Do?

The car transmission ensures that your car drives at a given speed, and the engine's correct amount of power goes to the wheels of your vehicle. Basically, the faster the engine rotates, the faster your wheels spin and the more energy is sent through the fluid inside the transmission. Explaining the transmission process further depends on whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission.

Changing The Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid aids all moving parts in your vehicle. It lubricates your transmission and keeps it in good working condition. Over time, transmission fluid declines and needs to be changed. So, when should I change your transmission fluid?

According to the owner's manual, you should change your car transmission fluid around 30,000 to 60,000 miles. But if you purchase a used car with high mileage or decide to drive your car over 60,000 miles, think about changing your transmission fluid.

Checking the transmission fluid's color is also another way to know it's time for a change. Transmission fluid releases a burnt odor and get darker when it is ready to be replaced. For most car owners, changing their car transmission fluid can be a complicated or messy procedure. We recommend you visit a dealership for an expert opinion.

What Does Power Flushing The Transmission Fluid Means?

Power flushing is one of the best transmission maintenance procedures available. Rather than changing the transmission fluid, a professional machinist will use a machine to run fresh oil into your transmission. The flushing process replaces every drop of used fluid with fresh fluid while also pushing out built-up grime and sludge. 

What Is A Transmission Leak?

A transmission leak is one of the most common car issues that cause the entire system to fail because transmission depends on fluid, so if the fluid level is low, nothing will work properly. It can be due to not changing or replacing the transmission fluid regularly, normal wear and tear, or an accident. You need to have your car check if you see brown or dark red fluid underneath your car, then you are having a problem with a transmission leak. 

Transmission Service Experts In Las Vegas

Transmissions have come a long way since the inception of the automobile. So no matter what you drive, it is going to need transmission service at some point. At United Transmission LV, we provide high-quality transmission service in Las Vegas for all makes and models. Don't hesitate to call us at (702) 430-8690 and schedule an appointment with us if you notice any issues with your car or truck's transmission.



Transmission Service Las Vegas
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Transmission Service Las Vegas
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