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Collision Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc

Collision Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc

A car accident can be rather stressful. But it doesn't have to be as long as you find a reliable collision repair shop. If you have been in an accident, then it's important to have your vehicle repaired by professionals who have the knowledge and necessary training to restore your collision-damaged car.

Aycock Frame & Body Shop is a collision repair shop in Greensboro NC, that’s dedicated to offering high-quality repairs for your vehicle. We have the necessary capacity and experience to address both small and large concerns regarding your vehicle.

What to Do After A Car Accident

It’s understandable to feel confused and helpless after an accident. However, it's vital to do the following things right away if you're in a stable condition:

  • Call the Police – Make sure you call the police as soon as possible. A police report will be helpful when you claim coverage for repairs from your insurance company. Calling the police will also ensure that all the facts about the accident are gathered, preventing instances where blame is shifted to you later on.
  • Inform your Insurer – Inform your auto insurance company as soon as you can. Don’t have any repairs done on your car before the insurance company has Inspected it and decided on the deserved compensation.
  • Take Pictures – While it might be clear to you how the accident occurred, other parties may dispute and put you in a position where you face undeserved consequences. In addition, your insurer might fight hard to make sure that they don’t pay you the money you deserve. To avoid such situations, take as many photos of the accident scene as you can. Also, capture the surroundings and anything else that may be used as evidence to show that an obstruction in the highway or another road user was at fault.

What Mistakes Do Car Owners Make During Collision Repair?

The next step after dealing with the police and insurers is taking your vehicle to a collision repair shop. However, many car owners miss out on the full restoration of their vehicle by:

  • Assuming Every Auto Body Shop is the Same – Auto body shops have various types of equipment and employees with different sets of skills and training. This means that not every shop can offer proper collision repair. By ignoring this fact, many car owners leave their vehicles in the hands of ill-equipped, under-trained technicians. You should instead look for a shop that specializes in collision repair and has the certifications and equipment to prove it.
  • Failing to Take an Inventory of Required Repairs – Some car owners leave their vehicles at repair shops without knowing the exact extent of damage and the required repairs. This affects their ability to make a reliable assessment after the repairs to determine whether the car has been fixed as needed.

What Should You Do After Collision Repair?

After collision repair, go through a list showing the work performed on your car with your mechanic. This will allow you to understand the costs incurred — double-check to see that all the repairs have been done. You should then give your vehicle a test drive to ensure that it’s back to the condition you wanted.

Restore Your Car

At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we specialize in restoring collision-damaged vehicles. From small scratches and dent repairs to repairing a heavy collision, our technicians are certified to handle any type of repairs. Give us a call today on (336) 272-1313 if you’re looking for a collision repair shop in Greensboro NC.

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Collision Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc
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